The Carrousel Club of South Australia

  Supporting Transgender &  Crossdressers in South Australia 


                                Please note we are a transgender social support group (not a dating site).              

To provide emotional and social support for transgender people, their family and friends in a relaxed atmosphere. Support includes the provision of information and guidance on gender issues, including sharing individual stories on transitioning. We can help you make contact with counsellors, medical professionals and other support services in SA, other Australian States, and around the world.
We create an environment where it is safe to express, examine, construct and develop your gender identity with people who are doing the very same thing.
Most importantly, we strive to spread the word to all trans-gender people in the SA community, that - You Are Not Alone.


The Carrousel Club began in about 1985, and is the main South Australian social support group specifically for the members of the transgendered community, their friends and families. We describe ourselves as a "friendly easy-going group of people with a common bond of dealing with gender related issues." Participation in the club and the friendships that are built can lead to increased self , which can give us more control over our lives. It provides an opportunity to meet with others who are like-minded, providing the realisation that isolation and secretiveness is not necessary. All of these are positive factors in the promotion of mental and physical well-being.
The club is continually expanding, with numbers attending meetings and social events having grown from five in the early days, to as many as fifty. With their growth, the support that members give each other, and their association with international and national clubs for transgendered people, the strength of the members has grown. Some members are advocating for changes in community perceptions of transgendered people, and are lobbying for change to laws related to recognition of gender reassignment.

Who we are

We are Transfolk from all walks of life, as well as family and friends who meet regularly to build a strong social and supportive network. Our members span a diversity of social cultures and backgrounds united in the aim of supporting gender diverse populations.
The Club is a not for profit organization that provides an opportunity for its members and guests to socialize in their preferred gender and or mode of dress. We welcome new faces and pride ourselves on the uniquely Carrousel Club non-judgmental and open-minded safe space to be ourselves.